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Dji Drone Live Streaming

Unleash the live stream of your drone!

What is Dji Drone Stream Hosting?

With our DJI Drone Streaming service, you will be able to live broadcast from your Dji controller to the internet!

How does your service work?

With the activation of our service, you will be provided a private RTMP streaming link to enter into your DJI Fly app.

Once you have the stream started, you can now use the private stream link to either plug into your custom app or be shown on your website with your custom HTML5 player.

You can even rebroadcast the stream by using your favourite streaming software such as OBS.

Do you put embed your logo into the stream?

Absoutely not! Your stream is your stream! You decide what to put in it.

Sample Streaming Video

Drone Live Streaming

Configure Plan
  • 1Mb Bitrate per connection
  • No Bandwidth Limit
  • RTMP & HLS SSL Connection
  • 5 Connection Slots
  • Desktop and Mobile Ready
  • No disk storage
$ 35CAD / Mo.

To utilize our streaming service, you will need fill in the private RTMP URL into your DJI Fly mobile app.

Once verything is set in the App, you will be able to begin live streaming.

Video Streaming F.A.Q.

Is there any contract involved?

Our service is free of contract, you can cancel at any time you want.

What currency do you charge in?

All prices are shown in Canadian Dollar.

What is your service compatible with?

Our service can be used any streaming application or device that can send out RTMP or RTSP streamings.

What is a connection slot?

The connection slot is the number of simultaneous connection that can connect to your stream. If your live stream plan has 10 connection slot limit, then up to 10 connection can be opened at the same time.

Does publishing a broadcast use a connection slot?

Yes, a incoming broadcast will take up a connection slot.

Can I increase the Connection Slot at any time?

Absolutely! Simply contact our sales team and we will upgrade it for you.

Unsure if you need our streaming service?

Reach us via our contact form or call us at 1-289-379-7999